2015 - 2016 ANNUAL REPORT

A Year of Fresh Possibilities


You'll see as you scroll down that a number of different things have come together to make 2015 - 2016 a year of fresh possibilities.


Welcome to this year's Annual Report

A number of different things have come together to make 2015-2016 a year of fresh possibilities.
Hopefully you'll find there is a fresh note of enthusiasm running through it all.


Recognition and

CiC works in the media, academia, inter-church and inter-faith forums, and with government agencies.

In the past year we have continued to represent the independent church sector in different ways in all five key areas. Hugh has given interviews for the media, written for academia and been involved in lobbying government on a number of important issues.

Trevor has attended, and presented papers at, numerous inter-church and inter-faith forums. He continues to be our lead representative in a large number of areas serving on the board of the Free Church Group, the Enabling Group of Churches Together in England (CTE) and working alongside Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

We are particularly grateful to Chris Woolley for his help on parliamentary affairs and to Emmanuel King for representing us on the Free Churches Prison Ministry Steering Group.

Hugh will continue to serve as the Free Churches Moderator and a CTE President until April 2019.


Accountability and

Providing our members with the level of accreditation and accountability that earns the recognition of others, is high on our list of priorities. This year Council members have assisted Trevor with accreditation interviews as well as continuing with accountability interviews and this has enabled us to process more membership applications as within CiC membership and accreditation go hand-in-hand.

All CiC members are reminded that annual accountability face-to-face reviews are not optional, they are integral to CiC’s ministerial authorisation process. CiC has a distinctive emphasis on ministerial formation through ‘in church’ or ‘in ministry’ service, which other denominations accept precisely because CiC supports its accreditation process with an annual accountability interview system. No CiC member, nor even CiC itself, can afford to compromise on this.

Furthermore, it is important to see these reviews as more than a duty. When taken seriously they are a real benefit. We arrange them with an elected CiC Council member who exercises his or her ministry in a comparable area so that peer support can be strengthened, mutual encouragement increased and open accountability in ministry can be a reality.



The bi-monthly Wednesday Ministers’ Fellowship that we hold in South East London has continued to be the most regular feature of our mutual support programme as it provides an ideal opportunity for networking. We are still expanding this regionally and through Saturday events. Non-CiC members are always welcome at all of our Ministers’ Fellowships.



Our current figures of 48 churches, 42
ministries, 28 chaplaincies and 7 networks, served by a total of 168 ministers, reflect our membership as of 30 Sept 2016*.
We have applications being processed but long to serve more of our independent church sector as our infrastructure allows us to expand beyond personal recommendations.

*UK figures only











Current Membership Demographic

Membership Growth


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