Ministers' Fellowship

What is the Ministers' Fellowship?

It is an extended lunchtime event, starting with informal fellowship and networking, followed by a session of worship and hearing the word.

Time is then set aside for prayer and mutual encouragement before a late, light buffet meal is shared.

Who is it for?

All Ministers' Fellowship events are open to ministry colleagues and friends beyond CiC membership.

Ministers’ Fellowship 2019 Messages

Upcoming Events


Date & Time

Wednesday 8th January 2020
11am - 2:30pm


Cornerstone Christian Centre
21a The Mall, Bromley

Train: Bromley South Station (3min walk)
Car: NCP Car Park next door

Dates for 2019


Wednesday 9th January, 11am

Wednesday 13th March, 11am

Wednesday 8th May, 11am

Wednesday 9th July, 11am

Wednesday 11th September, 11am

The Ministers' Fellowship Online

The Ministers' Fellowship Online is a Facebook group for useful resources, networking, encouragement, prayer requests, sharing expertise and generally building an online community to strengthen and equip the church.