This website is designed to introduce you to Churches in Communities.

In establishing Churches in Communities (CiC) in 1997 I was motivated by the AD2000 Movement’s goal for a culturally-relevant church within everyone's reach worldwide. I recognised God's hand in raising up Biblically-minded churches, ministries and networks throughout the world and wished to respond to their expressed desire for a means of corporate recognition that would not compromise their individual calling, vision or independence.

Since then CiC has grown rapidly internationally, working nation-by-nation to enhance our members' public engagement and to increase inter-church co-operation and community cohesion.

If in reading what follows, you believe that CiC might be able to help you, we look forward to hearing from you.

With my warmest greetings

Yours in the Lord Jesus

Hugh Sig

Dr Hugh Osgood
President, Churches in Communities International
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