Meet The Team

Hugh Osgood

Hugh Osgood

Founder and president of CiC

Rev. Dr Hugh Osgood is a senior church leader, international Bible teacher and broadcaster.

Over the years Hugh has taught at conferences throughout the world and his sermons are regularly broadcast on radio and TV. Charis Communications, Hugh’s personal ministry, makes his recorded material freely available and accessible to help increase biblical literacy worldwide.

Hugh is the Free Churches Moderator, a president of Churches Together in England, the Co-Chair of the UK Charismatic and Pentecostal Leaders’ Conference and is the founder of Churches in Communities International.

Trevor Howard

Trevor Howard


Trevor is an ordained minister, Bible teacher and inter-church consultant.  

In his role at CiC, Trevor works with National Co-ordinators as they develop the work of CiC in their nations.


Paul Garratt


Paul is the newest member of the CiC staff team.  

His role oversees the vital administrative side of our work to effectively deliver the vision and strategic plan for CiC's growth and development.

Tony Gathiru King

Tony Gathiru King

National Co-ordinator

Tony oversees the work and development of CiC in the UK, including the regional Ministers’ Fellowships and the annual residential.


Jeremy Tagg


Jeremy facilitates the annual reviews and manages the accountability system for CiC members.


Board of Trustees


Some members of the CiC Council at the Annual Residential

Some members of the CiC Council at the Annual Residential

Our current members serving on council are:

Hugh Osgood (Chair),  Noel McLean (Vice Chair),  Trevor Howard (Secretary),  Isaac Achene,  Peter Amoss,  Janet Bluck,  Clive  Butcher,  Tony King,  Peter Marchand,  Tapi Nduna,  Uche Nweke,  Agnita Oyawale,  Darren Roy,  Tony Sheard,  Adrian Tamblyn-Watts,  Allan Taylor,  Geoff Tucker,  Mark Van Gundy,  Jennifer Wallace.