We believe that CiC will become the fastest growing network of Christian networks in the UK by 2020.

One of the unique aspects of our work is the ability to meet the practical needs of an entire church network whilst not influencing vision, decision making or strategy.

Benefits of Membership


Providing formal accountability and achieving a recognised standard of ministerial accreditation is expensive, time-consuming and complex. CiC is able to provide this vital service for independent networks, allowing them to focus on their vision and strategic goals.



Some of the fastest growing church networks in the UK are either being pioneered by non-British leaders, or are serving ethnic minorities.  CiC achieves respect, acceptance and understanding for our network members in the public and faith sectors - allowing growth and replication without unnecessary speculation.



CiC is a network of diverse networks and we provide our members with a unique opportunity to share expertise, learn from and support like-minded pioneers.  The dynamic spaces we create are a healthy addition to the formal, internal support structures often available to network leaders.


The annual membership cost for UK networks are set out below.  To join CiC, a network must have at least five member churches, ministries or chaplaincies.  The minimum annual cost is £1,560 (network + five member bodies).

Network Hub    |    £360 /year

Churches, ministries and chaplaincies    |    £240 each /year

Assistant ministers    |    £144 each /year