CiC is actively seeking to support new and emerging Christian ministries that are addressing the unmet needs of our changing world.

CiC is delighted to offer its full package of support for independent ministries that are working within local churches or for the benefit of communities.

Benefits of Membership


CiC is not hierarchical; we believe that our members are of equal value in God’s kingdom. Through our accountability and accreditation process, leaders of independent ministries receive the same level of certification as independent church ministers.



Independent ministries are often responding to some of the most pressing needs in society and help to impact those the church finds hardest to reach.  CiC helps ministries to positively contribute to public debate by representing them at influential levels of government, media, academia and faith.



CiC serves a wide range and growing number of independent ministries.  Through our regional Ministers’ Fellowships and online fellowship, we enable ministries to share ideas, resources and offer mutual support to one another.


£300 / year    |    £25 / month