Our Story

CiC History

The 1990’s saw a dramatic increase in the number of independent churches and ministries being pioneered across the UK.  Joining existing networks or denominations was challenging due to the loss of autonomy and potentially restricting the evolving and responsive nature of ministry that was taking place.

In Bromley, South East London, independent ministers gathered together at a bi-monthly meeting.  It was here that the need of the independent church sector was clearly expressed:

  • A formal accountability structure to safeguard ministers and ministries

  • A recognised ministerial accreditation

  • Opportunities for mutual encouragement and support

In 1997, CiC was created in response to this need.  From the outset, CiC was, and still is, a member-led network created by the independent church sector for the independent church sector.  

CiC celebrates diversity and respects independence, serving members as they pursue their vision and reach their goals.

After refining its identity and operations, CiC became an unincorporated association with a voting membership and an elected Council.  Then, in 2010, CiC became a not-for-profit with a Board of Directors.

Although starting in the UK, CiC has always been international by working with a wide variety of indigenous Christian communities and church expressions in the UK, as well as enabling local-culture relevant expressions of CiC to be set up in various nations.

CiC now accredits a vast array of ministries from across the independent church sector and works to facilitate and encourage all those in independent ministry.

View this year's Annual Report to see our progress over the last year.